Cheese and the Cerements of Death

“The blackest shadow, of course, is cast by processed ‘cheese’…

two slices of plastic-wrapped processed cheese

“In preparation of this solidified floor wax – often the product of emulsification with sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, or rochelle salts; of steaming and frequently blending odd lots of cheese, of paralysing whatever germs might result either in loss of profit or gain of flavour – every problem but one is solved: that of making cheese.

“Give our American children the processed corpse of milk and they will grow (I dare not say mature) into processed men, all package and no character.

“As for other processed plastics, remember only that the wrappings of foil are the cerements of death.”

Clifton Fadiman

2 Replies to “Cheese and the Cerements of Death”

    1. Possibly the unpleasantness of the cheese has something to do with the US Government’s habit of stockpiling billions of pounds of the stuff in a cave. No, I am not making this up. I would like to think there is also a cave full of chocolate somewhere, but in all likelihood the cost of security would be too high, even considering the immensity of the US military budget.

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