Cover Copy Results

Thanks to all of you who provided feedback on the draft short descriptions and cover copy earlier this month! You are invaluable. I have been at work on them since, and I can now reveal what will be the final version (unless of course improvements become obvious before it goes to print).

The short description:

Ghost has no brother, no kin, no tribe. His only chance to find his own people is a trial mission with legendary adventurers the Three Men. But when their search for a vanished princess collides with his missing past, he must decide what price he’ll pay to belong. And his is not the only soul at stake…

And the cover copy:

Ghost is an outsider with no tribe, no home, and no name, living on the edge of a quiet backwater village.
Then a dying man comes in the door, and everything changes, for he is one of the Three Men—a legendary brotherhood of adventurers, trackers, bodyguards, smugglers, and even occasional assassins, if you believe the stories.
Death opens a door and Ghost makes his escape, joining the Three Men in their search for a missing crown princess, while still silently seeking the name he’s never had, and the family he’s never known.
To find the princess and his own identity—before the twin losses collide in a spiral of treachery, magic, and deathGhost must pass through fire, body and soul.

Comments welcomed, as always!

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