4 Replies to “Taking It Well”

  1. Depends on the advice, and the source. I find I receive advice easier from people I respect, which is not always a good thing.

    For giving advice, I have to learn not to unless asked. I was always perplexed by my friends who wanted only to talk and be “heard” but who didn’t want help solving the problems stated. Being a problem-solver by nature, this always seemed so backward to me. I’ve come to accept it (mostly) thought. 😉

    1. Ah, yes. I got to the point where I’d ask if the person wanted solutions, or if they just wanted to moan 🙂
      Accepting advice from those you respect can be a very good way of filtering out rubbish advice. But alas, nothing is ever that simple.

      1. Lol! Yeah, I came to the same conclusion.

        Nope. Simplicity ain’t what we got. Sometimes a person who seems like a bad source of advice has exactly the tidbit we most need and least want to hear. 😛

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