6 Replies to “That Eyebrow Thing”

  1. I can raise my left. Only because my godfather could. He was also principal of the school I went to and when he stared over the top of his glasses, eyebrow raised, he was quite intimidating. So I tried to copy him. It took me a while to get it but now the left eyebrow can dance while nothing else on my face moves. Every now and then I work on getting the right one to work but the motivation just isn’t there. There isn’t enough practical value to the effort.

  2. Yes I can, after spending some time practising in front of a mirror. First one, then the other was trained. It was about finding the muscles and getting the brain to send the right messages. Later I tried wiggling my second toe independently of the big toe. Less easy, and not such a party piece.

    1. An interesting nature vs. nurture experiment: do people raise the same eyebrow their parents do, or do they get confused by the mirror-image effect and raise the other? The brief and unscientific experiment I just conducted suggests the latter.

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