The Last Gargoyle

As we draw to the end of the year, so we draw to the end of the Gargoyle Chip Reports.

Gargoyle, St Mary, Castlegate, York (3345244442)
Don’t look down!
Since July I have sides-to-middled, patched and darned one pair of queen-size sheets; appliquéd a large spray of roses to a circle of cloth (with thousands of tiny stitches); decided on and marked a quilting design; made a quilt sandwich, tacked/basted it, and begun the quilting.

Is this where I wanted to be by the end of the year? No, but it’s a considerable distance further along than I think I would have been otherwise.

And after all, while the reports may cease, the work can still go on. I’m hoping for some cool and quiet evenings to work on the quilting – all this progress has made me feel rather more kindly toward the project than I have hitherto.

What have you accomplished since July? Take a moment to think it through, write it down, and celebrate!

Gargoyle Chip Report IX

Grotesque (4441150508)
You win some and you lose some. Sometimes they’re the same one. Which is to say, when I put the sides-to-middled, patched and darned sheets on the actual bed, I saw another area that probably needs patching (which of course didn’t show up when I was actually looking for it).
The sheets are holding up, however, and to my surprise the seam isn’t noticeable unless you go feeling for it. So I’m going to call that a win, and add another patch at my own convenience.

As for progress on the other projects:
Curtains – none.
Rose Quilt – one evening (about two hours) of appliquéing the motif onto the background.

Slow progress, but still progress!
How are yours going?

Gargoyle Chip Report VIII

Oops! I missed this one on Saturday. Of all the times! For I have good news, of moderate joy.
Three gargoyles
Of the three gargoyles I started with, one is finished!

The worn-out bedsheets have, over the last several weeks, been split, turned, seamed, hemmed, darned, patched, and this last week I finished the last line of stitching. They’re washed, dried and ready to go back on the bed. (I don’t think I’ve ever slept on a middle-seamed sheet before – we’ll see how it goes.)

Other progress:
curtains – method of attack decided (wish me luck!)
rose quilt – no progress.

Any good news of joy, moderate or otherwise, in your camps?