Gargoyle Chip Report VIII

Oops! I missed this one on Saturday. Of all the times! For I have good news, of moderate joy.
Three gargoyles
Of the three gargoyles I started with, one is finished!

The worn-out bedsheets have, over the last several weeks, been split, turned, seamed, hemmed, darned, patched, and this last week I finished the last line of stitching. They’re washed, dried and ready to go back on the bed. (I don’t think I’ve ever slept on a middle-seamed sheet before – we’ll see how it goes.)

Other progress:
curtains – method of attack decided (wish me luck!)
rose quilt – no progress.

Any good news of joy, moderate or otherwise, in your camps?

2 Replies to “Gargoyle Chip Report VIII”

  1. We have decided on where we will live! Which was a big decision hanging over us, with much logistic considerations. I don’t recall if I mentioned this as one of my gargoyles but it has been dealt with! Huzzah!

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