Wardrobe Architect 8: Hair, Makeup, & Beauty

Hair, makeup, and beauty are a bit of an odd topic for me, I must admit. For one thing, I don’t wear makeup. And while I do have hair, it’s pretty well always under a kerchief (unless I haven’t got dressed yet). Mind you, the hair has still been changing, it’s just that no one saw it but me and the Caped Gooseberry.

Model in head wrap
Some years ago I had a sudden change in the length of my hair, from long enough to sit on, to short. But while it was fun for a while (I even stopped wearing kerchiefs all the time for a bit), it was quite high-maintenance compared to long hair, to my surprise. The reason being that I hate having hair in my face or on my neck, and short hair needs frequent trims to ensure this remains the case.

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Wardrobe Architect 6: Organizing Your Colour Palette

At last, we get to do something with the colours we collected last time! Bring out your hoard – gloat over them a little if you wish – and then proceed as follows.

Indian pigments
Pile up your colours!

Take each colour and put it into one of four piles: neutrals, nearly neutrals, statement colours and metallics (see the original Colette post for examples with labelled swatches!). I’ve added a fifth category of my own for reasons which will become evident when we get there.

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