Question(naire): Lark or Owl?

Morning person or evening person?

Birds-45-018 - Mottled Owl, Meadow Lark, Black and white Creeper, Pine-creeping Warbler

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I always thought I was a true evening person, but it appears I am only moderately eveningy. Recommended bedtime: 12:30 a.m.!

What are you?

3 Replies to “Question(naire): Lark or Owl?”

  1. I’m not sure they take into account variations in how much sleep different people need. It seemed to think that my “natural” bedtime is about 11:30 pm, and that if I wanted to use light therapy to combat winter depression, oversleeping, or ease of rising in morning [sic], it should start at 6:15 am.
    1) I don’t want to combat ease of rising in morning, and
    2) I have serious doubts about whether less than 7 hours’ sleep per night would be sufficient for me.

    1. There is always that. Seven hours does seem remarkably little. But then, sleep is a complex subject, and taking all the variables into account would be an undertaking of truly epic proportions.
      If you do decide to start light therapy at 6:15 am, I trust you will find another room to do it in 🙂

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