Question: Zombie Cookery

Not how do you cook a zombie (that’s unhygienic) but when you feel like a zombie, what do you cook?
Everybody has that go-to recipe that’s so familiar you can make it even when your brain has fallen out the back of your head and is slopping miserably across the kitchen floor.

Contemplative Chef Zombie

When in dire mental straits I tend to resort to scrambled eggs on toast. In fact, I was on one occasion so tired, stressed and disorganized (combination of new job, moving house, planning wedding etc etc) that when my dearly beloved came round for dinner on his usual evening, all I could manage to feed him was scrambled egg in a cup. Because I had run out of things that could be toasted, e.g. bread. (And he still married me!)

What’s your emergency brain-out-fallen recipe? Share below!

8 Replies to “Question: Zombie Cookery”

  1. I have a few!
    1. Peanut butter and oats mixed together.
    2. PB and J
    3. Pasta and jarred pasta sauce
    4. Banana and fruit smoothie!
    Not the best meals, but they’ll do in a pinch.

    1. Peanut butter and oats? That’s a new one to me. Raw oats? Rolled oats?
      I remember as a student I used to boil rice, then mix grated cheese and carrot into it. A little labour-intensive, but uncomplicated, and has the benefit of being just as good – if not better – taken cold for lunch the next day.

  2. I agree with tomrains on #3 Pasta and jarred pasta sauce and on the refried beans with tortilla and/or chips. I’d also add ramen with frozen vegetables – yes, I still eat ramen, and yes, I even served it to guests once (with chicken pulled off what was left of the rotisserie chicken I had, to make it more “balanced.”) 🙂 I also like to add some powdered ginger and red chili powder, to up the flavor a bit.

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