Just One More…

The Sophistication of P.G.  Wodehouse

“You tell yourself that you can take Jeeves stories or leave them alone, that one more can’t possibly hurt you, because you know you can pull up whenever you feel like it, but it is merely wishful thinking. The craving has gripped you and there is no resisting it.
You have passed the point of no return.”
P.G. Wodehouse

4 Replies to “Just One More…”

  1. That’s a pretty unabashed self-congratulation for an author to make. But as far as tall poppies go, I have to let it be, because he happens to be right.

  2. Lol! Oh Wodehouse. Jeeves may be addicting, but your own language is even moreso. I subjected my father to an audio-book… Right Ho Jeeves, I think, quite recently. He rolled his eyes at me, but before long he was cracking up at the expressions and the turns of phrase. Eventually, he said that he had forgotten just how good Wodehouse was with words.
    Truly, I think the man was one of the greatest wordsmiths the English language has ever produced.

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