What's Your Learning Style?

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

Do you learn best through hands-on experimentation? Or hearing it explained – by yourself or someone else? Or do you need to see it written down in order to remember?

Does understanding come to you through description? Or diagrams? Or do you need to see it done?

Or are you one of the remarkable few who can understand those instruction booklets translated from one language to another by someone who apparently spoke neither?

3 Replies to “What's Your Learning Style?”

    1. Infographics can be clearer – fewer hands in the way.
      I always found it galling when the cook – or should I say chef? – chops something up with a noise like a hyperactive woodpecker and then flings this or that in here or there and you can’t figure out what exactly it was they just did. Real people don’t cook like that!

      1. Haha…! (I can’t write ‘LOL’ even if it was true, because I loathe the overused acronym so.) ‘Hyperactive woodpecker’—I love it!

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