Sorting Hats

It turns out J.K. Rowling was right: sorting can be done by hat. While specialist sorting may require a specialist hat, all hats are useful for the sorting of people into three basic types.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - the sorting hat (5013545663)
The types are:

Those Who Wear Hats (subtypes range from Royal Ladies, to Australasians who Don’t Want Skin Cancer, to veritable Mad Hatters)

Those Who Do Not Wear Hats (subtypes include Hat Heretics and Those Who Are All About the Hair)

Those Who Do Not Wear Hats but Would Like To (subtypes including Those Who Lack Confidence and Those Whose Heads Defy the Average)

Which type are you?

2 Replies to “Sorting Hats”

  1. Um, how about the type that own hats but hardly wear them? I have two – no, four, if you count my visor (is it a hat if it doesn’t have a top?) and that straw hat I never wear. The other two are fashionable and I like them, but I don’t always have the confidence (or an excuse) to wear them. Maybe I’m halfway between types one and three?
    Oh, I just remembered winter hats/beanies, of which I have probably a handful and wear often when I’m living in a climate that gets cold enough for them. Do they count?
    [I’m catching up on posts here, haven’t read the one about your hats yet. 🙂 ]

    1. Perhaps hats fall into different categories too – hats people wear, hats people don’t wear, hats people would like to wear but don’t…
      Food for thought – thanks!

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