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  1. I have never been in the habit of wearing slippers and don’t own a pair. Something about the idea of slippers has always appealed though, and they’re always on my (never realised) Christmas wish-list. I tend to wear thick fluffy socks about the house in winter, and go barefoot in summer.

    1. I can certainly recommend slippers – there’s something quite old-fashioned and comfortable about them – and if you get a pair that’s a size or two too large, you can keep wearing the thick fluffy socks 🙂 Best of both worlds!

  2. I have a pair of hard-rubber-bottomed sheepskin slippers, purchased in the Auckland airport in… it seems to be either 2000 or 2001. The seams are all holding well, but the wool on the inside of the bottoms is almost all worn off. They are still comfy and work well for mild to medium levels of cold; if it’s really cold, the worn down wool leaves room for fuzzy socks. 🙂 I’m not sure what I’ll do when they finally give up the ghost…

    1. Order another pair online! New Zealand sheepskin slippers are great, in my opinion. Yes, I’m biased, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong 🙂 At this rate, you’ll only need a new pair every couple of decades!

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