Gargoyle Chip Report XII

Chip, chip, chip.

I’ve finished off one leaf section, done a section of stem, and started a second leaf section. That leaves the rest of the second leaf section, a third leaf section, a flower section and a couple of stem sections. And then I can move on to the next step!!!!!

Men with ladders and stone cutting tools quarrying large rock, Bismarck, Washington, ca 1905 (BAR 207)
This is a big gargoyle.

But I am making progress, and it’s medicinal progress. Strong, purgative medicine, which is ensuring by a long course of treatment that I never do anything so foolish again. (One day I shall tell you the history of how this gargoyle came to be. Bring popcorn.)

Curtain lining: no progress (although I probably should do them before summer, in case of more than three days’ sun).

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