Gargoyle Chip Report XVI

On the menu this week is the Gargoyle Chip Sandwich (better known as a Chip Butty in some regions).
Which is to say, I have finished the applique on the rose quilt, marked the quilting pattern, and made a sandwich of it.

Note: a quilt sandwich, reading from bottom to top, consists of the backing fabric (right side down), batting in the middle and then the front (right side up). All this is then pinned, tacked, glued (!!) or tag-gunned together.

Being somewhat old-fashioned, I have used pins and tacking. At present I have only two more lines of tacking to put in, some pins to redistribute, and then I can begin the quilting.

How are your gargoyles going? Had a chip butty lately? Ever seen a gargoyle eating a chip butty – or, if it comes to that, eating chips in any way at all?

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