How Strange Is Your Family?

How weird, would you say – at a guess – is your family? Compared to the generality of families, are they:
a) so eccentric you’d never get away with it in fiction;
b) moderately weird;
c) fairly average; or
d) so normal as to be almost suspicious?

Melodrama performance, Manitou Spring, Colorado LCCN2011635084
Please note: pseudonyms are perfectly acceptable in the comment section for  those wishing to protect the privacy of their families (or avoid their families hunting them down, bent on revenge).

I, however, shall fling aside the cloak of concealment and say that my family is probably a solid b: moderately weird, but not legendarily so (though others may wish to dispute this).

As evidence, I submit the following conversation, the result of us going out for a family dinner:
Waiter: (entering) A troupe of Russian folk singers has just walked in!
Chef: Ah, that’ll be my flatmate’s family.

6 Replies to “How Strange Is Your Family?”

  1. As said flatmate (and member of said family) I would like to corroborate this evidence and second the rating of B: moderately weird.

  2. Hooray for family weirdness! Individuality and a bit of eccentricity are in my family’s DNA. It doesn’t stop them being kind, productive, smart and lovable!

    1. I believe it did. A healthy dose of prudence prevents me speculating on what the results would have been had maternal-side peoples been added to the giddy throng.

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