Dressing Like an Amazonian Tree-Frog

Imagine several people gathered around a table during a committee meeting. One woman has very pale skin and has wound a neon yellow-green scarf around her neck. The scarf reflects on her face, tinting it the palest of greens. She looks ill.

Litoria gracilenta-2
An older woman sits at the other end of the table looking perfectly healthy. She’s wearing a suit the colour of orange sherbet that casts a golden glow upon her face.
This is the reflective power of colour and the reason why the only creature that should be wearing bright yellow-green is a small poisonous tree frog living in the Amazon.
Linda Przybyszewski, The Lost Art of Dress

2 Replies to “Dressing Like an Amazonian Tree-Frog”

  1. I recently shopped in a specialist umbrella shop. One that I liked was that lime green. My useful friend (theatre makeup professional) told me how awful it made my face look (my skin is pale too), so I didn’t buy that one.

    1. Very sensible! I must admit my eyes are growing saucer-like at the thought of being let loose in a specialist umbrella shop. What fun!

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