Choose Your Unfavourite Colour

We all have our favourite colours – the ones on the rack which irresistibly draw our eye, the ones that lift our mood just by looking at them.
But what’s your unfavourite colour – the one you’d crawl across broken glass to avoid wearing?

Shocking Pink Schiaparelli
For me, it’s Elsa Schiaparelli’s signature colour, shocking pink – although hot pink and Barbie pink are not far behind. Actually, we could spend a few scrolls discussing all the pinks I’d walk across hot coals to avoid (I should be thankful I wasn’t raised in the era of the pink-or-blue toy apartheid), but instead let us turn to a more interesting subject: you and your unfavourites.

8 Replies to “Choose Your Unfavourite Colour”

    1. For some reason there’s a lot of clothing made in grey, even though few complexions are flattered by it. I wonder why.
      Are you against any sort of purple in particular, or is it a general loathing?

      1. Pretty much any form of purple, but especially put out by those that masquerade as brown to my colour-challellenged eyes, deceiving me into thinking that I like them.

    1. Pinks and purples seem to be a theme here!
      And yet so much stuff for the female of the species (child or otherwise) is blanketed in those colours (e.g. ballpoint pens “for her”) – presumably because the manufacturers believe that’s what we all want. Personally, the only time I’ve ever had a use for a pinky-purple pen was when I needed a pen no-one would nick. (Some of my co-workers wouldn’t even borrow it…)

  1. I can love or loathe any colour, depending on its recipe. If it’s pure, or bold, I love it. If it’s pastel, or muddy, or neon, I loathe it.

    That said, I do try to limit my clothing items to either yellows or neutrals, just so I can get more outfit combinations out of it all and so don’t need to have so many pieces. Because nothing feels as opulently frustrating as having an over-stuffed wardrobe and nothing to wear.

    1. “Opulently frustrating” – what a great way to put it. And that’s a good point about the ‘recipe’ of the colour – I wear a number of shades of green, but I wouldn’t touch neon green with a barge-pole.

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