How Long Do You Spend?

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How much time each day do you spend on your appearance? Not counting washing or dressing, but including anything else you do of a personal grooming or adorning nature, such as brushing your moustache like the gentleman above, or winding pearls into your hair, like the lady below.
Carl Josef Alois Agricola Dame vor dem Toilettspiegel 1835
Have you ever known anyone who went to one extreme or the other in how much time they used? How extreme are we talking?

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  1. No. Most people I know have other things as their focus and so it’s in and out of the bathroom. Like attracts like I guess. Plus look at you with your fancy new home!

    1. It never fails to amaze me, the bathroom:person ratio people seem to think is necessary these days. Not to mention “his and hers” basins – just in case you can’t wait thirty seconds to wash your hands?
      Thanks on the website’s behalf for the compliment! It took ages to get it set up (so many themes, so many surprising omissions) but I’m quite pleased with it overall. Only one more glitch to iron out – but still no idea how…

      1. I used to agree with your distaste for his and hers basins until I saw a basin regularly used by a male for grooming which was littered with short lengths of hair. I didn’t want to go near it and I can understand how a couple might find it preferable to have their own basins than deal with the unpleasant aspects of each others’ untidiness.
        It is still a bit ostentatious, but at least there is a somewhat reasonable reason for it.

        1. I hadn’t thought of that aspect, although personally my preference would be Teach Him To Clean Up After Himself. If you keep a cleaning cloth to hand, a quick wipe-down should be sufficient (a habit I’m trying to get into).
          Of course, if people have separate basins, they don’t need to argue over who’s responsible for cleaning the hairy gunk out of the plughole (ew), but what are they going to do about the shower/bath? His and hers bathrooms? I’ve even heard of people who have his and hers houses, which sounds like a nightmare to me: twice the expense, half the togetherness.

    1. The one where you can’t keep scrolling through posts in the narrow format without it jumping up (which also stops you getting to the footer). I think that’s how it works (or rather, doesn’t work).

    1. 🙁 It doesn’t notify me of new comments via email either, if that’s any consolation (which I’m guessing it isn’t).

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