How Many Clothes?

How many garments do you own?

footwear (shoes, slippers etc)
accessories (scarves, hats etc)
underclothing (socks, undershirts etc)
formal wear/wedding dresses
nightwear & dressing-gowns
fancy dress costumes (unless you wear them on other occasions; I’m not going to judge)

items you seldom or never wear (besides those for the special occasions mentioned above)
items currently in the wash (or piled on the end of the bed or other item of furniture)
outer layers (cardigans, jackets, coats etc)

I have about 35, which is more than I expected, given that what I actually wear most of the year round could be narrowed down to five dresses, a pair of kung fu pants, two wool tunics, two jerseys and a cardigan. (Not all at the same time.) Clearly, there is a lot in my wardrobe that isn’t getting worn, but which I am keeping presumably Just In Case something changes – my lifestyle, perhaps, or my shape.

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