The End is Nigh

Four days before the end of the month! Four days to reach the 50,000 word goal! As the deadline approaches, I realize I haven’t actually settled on anything as a celebration or reward for reaching the goal.

So your input is welcome: what’s a good way to celebrate writing 50,000 words in a month? What’s a good way to celebrate finishing a first draft? Given that they’re looking likely to be two separate events, how would you weight the two? All on one and none on the other? A little for each? Never mind celebrating, get back to work?

Bulldog with party-hat
I have a patchy record with celebrating writing achievements. After finishing the marathon first draft of Restoration Day I bought myself a fountain pen, and when the book came out we went out for dinner.
When I finished the first draft of The Wound of Words I didn’t do anything to celebrate at all (except saying “Yay! I finished it”), partly because it felt incomplete because I hadn’t written the subplot yet.

So now I’m looking for a suitable celebration (or two), somewhere in between “yay” and “fountain pen”, and preferably budget-friendly. (I’m thinking of starting with a sleep-in.) Any ideas?

Other things I’ve been looking at lately (in alphabetical order):
Noël Coward

Harlequin with bagpipes and a pug-dog mounted on a clock, c. 1745-1752 harlequin, c. 1752 pug, ormolu mounts c. 1765, Meissen, modeller Johann Joachim Kandler, hard-paste - Gardiner Museum, Toronto - DSC00866
Paddington Station
paper chase (the game)
Richter scale
ticker tape
Wellington boots
W H Auden

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