I did it 🙂

In fact, not only did I pass 50,000 words, I got to the end of the story. (And then realized I’d forgotten to put in the last bit which I’d been thinking of for months if not years, but hey, that’s what rewrites are for, right?)

So, do I get a cake with 53,100 candles?

Maybe better not. I’m still open to suggestions of celebrations, if anyone has any ideas. (I do have access to a headless effigy and a rotten egg, if that helps.)

In other exciting news, my first ever guest post! Jami Gold’s site is a mine of useful information for writers – and not only for romance writers, though that’s her own focus as an author.

She very kindly invited me to contribute a post on Creative Commons licenses, and here it is! Pop across and have a look around.

Just to round things off, here’s the last list of things I found myself looking up while working on the first draft of Dolly & Dot and the Mystery of the Missing Maid.

W. G. Grace
Catherine the Great
telephone boxes
Kewpie dolls
the shilling (originally known as the testoon, if you can believe it)
William and Mary
Barrow Street (despite the name, it’s not a street)
double-decker buses

and that led me down a rabbit warren where I discovered that not only do articulated double-deckers exist, there is also such a thing as a bi-articulated bus.
AutoTram Extra Grande 2
It’s like the result of a guilty liaison between an ordinary bus and a train.

So, how has your month been?

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  1. Well done Deborah! And great blog post too – I now have somewhere to refer people to when they ask about CC licenses. Have a great day or two off, and celebration, whatever that looks like 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m thinking if the mercury ascends as high as it’s forecast to do this weekend, icecream might well be in my future.

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