That Time of Year

“It’s that time of year when all of our apps send us emails about how many books we read, what music we listened to the most, or how much exercise we got.
In this online world of ours, it’s important that we quantify what we’ve done so that we can make our passions more closely resemble math homework.”
Bill Ferris (read his full post here).

Waldemar Kolmsperger dÄ Tochter Wetti bei Hausaufgabe 1880
What do you think? Is this a trap you fall into? Or do you find it actually helpful instead of anxiety-inducing?

This year, I think I’m going to forbear producing my productivity spreadsheet (aka the calendar of what I did or didn’t do – see here and here for previous examples).

I published a novel and I first-drafted two others during 2018 – I’m going to call that a Job Well Done and press on with the seemingly ever-lengthening list of jobs to do in the garden. (If only summer wasn’t so hot!)

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