Exciting News!

My thanks to you all! Restoration Day has made it onto the final ballot for the 2019 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel!

And to my great surprise, I have also been nominated for Best New Talent – my thanks to whoever thought that up; you know you you are (even if I don’t).

Also appearing on the shortlist – for Best Professional Artwork – is Evelyn Doyle, nominated for her design of the cover of Te Korero Ahi Kā. She also did the spot-on cover typography for Restoration Day, and I’m delighted to see her undeniable talents thus recognized.

Check out the full shortlist here. Voting is open to all members of SFFANZ and/or GeyserCon, and the winners will be announced at GeyserCon, on the evening of Sunday 2nd June.

4 Replies to “Exciting News!”

  1. Well done and all the best with this. Whatever the result, I hope the publicity results in lots more sales 😀

    1. Thanks! (Me too!)
      I’m not sure it’s a well done to me, though – the ballot is determined by the number of nominations, so I am indebted to the kindness of others for this.

  2. Well, I am very pleased to hear this! 🙂 Can you add it to the next book cover?
    I got back my second copy of Restoration Day when out with cousins at the weekend, and passed it on to a different cousin, so I hope she will share it with her artistic family.

    1. Thank you! I think I’ll hold fire on cover alterations until the final results are announced (post-Queen’s Birthday).
      I hope the cuzzies enjoy the book!

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