Day One

Behold! it is midday on the first day of the Grand Productivity Experiment Phase One: Keystone Habit.

How’s it going?

James Pyle (Manufacturers) (3092783277)
Well, since waking this morning I have de-coned a cat, re-taught two cats how to use a newly unlocked cat-flap, tidied up the detritus of the recently coned cat’s durance vile (dirt-box: very vile), laid a fire, brought in more firewood, put away three loads of laundry (and taken down the racks on which they were drying), swept the floors, cleaned the toilet and basin, given the bath a lick and a promise (lick figurative: am not cat), sent a couple of important emails, commented on two or three blog posts, started writing one of my own, and made plans for dinner.

All in about four hours, along with such usual occupations as eating breakfast and brushing my teeth. So so far, the keystone seems to be holding up an arch of fairly impressive proportions. But I’m not counting my arches until they hatch. This is just the beginning…

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