Packing Like A Poppins

“From the carpet bag she took out seven flannel nightgowns, four cotton ones, a pair of boots, a set of dominoes, two bathing-caps and a postcard album.”

Carpetbag MET X267.9 CP4
This is in addition to the previous appearance of “a starched white apron… a large cake of Sunlight Soap, a toothbrush, a packet of hairpins, a bottle of scent, a small folding armchair and a box of throat lozenges.”

Clearly, Miss Mary Poppins is mindful of the Scout motto to Be Prepared.

What would you pack in a carpet-bag (magically Tardis-like or otherwise) if you were setting out to seek your fortune with nothing but that bag, a brolly and what you stood up in?

While many of Miss Poppins’ impedimenta would be welcome (not sure about that postcard album, mind you, and eleven nighties is rather a lot), I fancy my carpet-bag would contain quantities of paper, a fountain pen or two, assorted bottles of ink and a large quantity of handwork. And, of course, books. Many, many books. Oh, and a teapot, with a couple of cups and saucers – so as to be able to share with a friend – plus a tin or two of tea.

What about you? What would you pack to Be Prepared?

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