Pulling the House Down on Saturdays

An overbearing townie wants to buy Pippi Longstocking’s cottage and pull it down. What will she do?

Without delay, she seized the fine gentleman about his fat waist and threw him up in the air, twice. Then she carried him at arm’s length to his car and threw him into the back seat.

“I don’t think we’ll pull the house down till another day,” she said. “You see, once a week I pull down houses, but never on Fridays, because then I’ve got the weekly turning-out to think of. So I generally vacuum the house clean on Fridays and pull it down on Saturdays. It’s always best to have a routine.”

2 Replies to “Pulling the House Down on Saturdays”

  1. Nice to see the continuing theme of awesome literary heroines here: Mary P and Pippi.

    As for the house, pulling it down is one thing, but rebuilding on a weekly basis is a bit tiring for my routine. Good luck!

    1. I hadn’t noticed the theme, actually – thanks for pointing it out!
      And you’re right, for some reason putting it all back together is a lot more effort than pulling it all apart…

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