Behold the Pockets!

It has been suggested that the answer to “what do women want?” is “pockets in their clothes” and believe me, when I saw this waistcoat, I wanted it.

waistcoat with lots of pockets

Would anyone like to stake a guess as to the total number of pockets provided by this fine garment? A hint: there aren’t any on the back half of the waistcoat.

This is just the sort of thing I’ve been wanting for gardening in: pockets for plant ties, and seed packets that will blow away if I put them down, and secateurs, and a weed knife, and…

It’s also made of cotton, with breathing slits backed by what looks remarkably like aida cloth to aid ventilation. The only downside is that the neckline in front is low enough to make this a second layer only – no wearing it as a top all by itself on a hot summer day. But for five bucks, it ain’t bad.

So what do you reckon? How many pockets does this queen among waistcoats possess? Lay your bets in the comments!

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