The First Slice of Potato

The Ambition of a Potato is rapidly approaching its release to a ravening public (or at least, I hope they’re ravening), and I am happy to say that you can now help yourself to a serving. The sample is freely available here, in the usual variety of formats. Everyone is welcome to come back for seconds on the 31st of October!

In less joyful news, The Wound of Words has been eliminated from SPFBO6, though it did make the final three in its group of 30. In eliminating it, the judges said “The Wound of Words is unique and full of whimsical charm. Makarios has a knack for elegant lines and creating memorable characters. That said, some readers may find the stakes too low and the overall tone too light. ”

SPFBO 2020 semi-finalist badge
Better than a kick in the head!

And, as the Caped Gooseberry pointed out, since I was intentionally aiming at a light rather than gruelling/grimdark tone, I can be pleased that I achieved what I set out to do, even if – as the judges observed – that is not to everyone’s taste.

Still, upwards and onwards! Now that the Potato is more or less cooked through, I can move my next project off the back burner and right on to my favourite element. (Admit it – you have one too.)

2 Replies to “The First Slice of Potato”

  1. Isn’t everyone’s favourite element the front-right? All the other elements are just supporting characters. (Or are entirely redundant, as in the case of the front-left.)

    1. Now you have me wondering – is handedness involved here? Because my favourite element is, in fact, the front left, and I am at least partially left-handed. Whereas the Caped Gooseberry is right-handed and prefers the front right element – or, when using a smaller pot, the back right. Hmmm…

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