For Sale: One Gargoyle

Those of you who have been following this blog for some time may recall the half-year I spent chipping away at my gargoyles – the unfinished projects that lurk about in dark cupboards, taking up space both physical and mental.

Pre-eminent among these gargoyles was the rose quilt, which – hold on to your hats – I’ve been working on (or rather, mostly not working on) for about half my life now. Since I last wrote about it, some three and a half years ago, progress has been made, and it now looks like this:

As you can see, not only is the motif permanently attached to the background now, the background is quilted to the layers beneath (batting and backing). All it needs is someone to quilt the motif, and bind the circumference.

But that someone will not be me. I thought it would be, as I persevered through the quilting of the web, but no sooner had I threaded my needle with pink quilting thread to begin on a bud than I suddenly felt – released. Like the job was no longer mine. Like I had done all that was required of me. And so, I decided to sell it.

And if you live in New Zealand and have (or are prepared to acquire) a TradeMe account, you can bid on it, should you for some reason wish to have a gigantic spray of more-or-less two-dimensional roses adorning your interior. Your home’s interior, that is. Quilt not intended for consumption, though I forgot to mention this in the TradeMe listing – which you can find (along with further photos) here.

The auction runs until midday on Thursday 29th (currently known as tomorrow), and whether anyone will bid on it remains to be seen. But bid upon or not, its time in my home is drawing to a close. This is one gargoyle that’s moving out.

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