A Bit of Fluff

As readers in New Zealand will have woken to Level 4 Lockdown this morning, and readers in other countries may be wishing they had, I feel that what we all need is a morsel of light-hearted cheer.

In that spirit, therefore, may I present two large fluffy chicken bums…

two fluffy chickens (rear view)

…aka Kryptops (L) and Troodon (R) hard at work in the garden. They work for chicken feed! Ah ha ha ha.

They are simultaneously setting a good and a bad lockdown example for us all. A good example, in that they are out in the garden whenever the weather permits, getting lots of fresh air and exercise (without trying to escape again). A bad example, in that they basically wander around eating for ten hours at a time then sleep for the following fourteen.

Hang in there (particularly if you don’t have chickens, or a garden), and don’t forget: be kind to each other and be kind to yourself.

4 Replies to “A Bit of Fluff”

  1. Very nice!
    Although, in many cultures (including NZ Maori) presenting the bum is a deliberate insult.
    If you got them to do more energetic backyard exercise, would it be “a bums’ rush”?

    1. I understood the insult to be solely the preserve of human bums, not the naturally nude creatures around us. However, feel free to think of these two as wearing fluffy drawers if it helps!
      I’m not sure it would be possible to get the chooks to be more energetic – they frequently decide they urgently need to be somewhere else in the garden and set off in a bustly little run. Hours of innocent entertainment, I tell you.

  2. Perfect lighthearted cheer, thank you. I had a good chuckle/ had to try to remember to swallow my tea before laughing. A Fluffy chicken butt or 3 (and the rest of the chicken) is a surprisingly excellent source of happiness and entertainment. Especially when they scratch for feed. We gave our chooks rotund old lady names. It suited the personalities (chickenalities?)

    1. There is something inherently “rotund old lady” about chickens, isn’t there? I think it’s something to do with their fluffiness and the way they walk and their general attitude to life.
      I find ours are remarkably therapeutic to watch, bustling about sorting things out.

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