The Quintessence of Cosiness

What are the elements of cosiness?

orange and white cat on green armchair with two cushions and a handwoven blanket

Personally, I think a comfortable chair, a couple of cushions, and a curled-up cat are an excellent start. Of course, a pot of tea and a book wouldn’t go amiss either – and perhaps some knitting.

What would you say are the essential ingredients of cosiness (or, if American, coziness)?

4 Replies to “The Quintessence of Cosiness”

  1. essential: being warm, something comfortable to sit in;
    nice to have: good conversation or good book, warm mug to hold in hands
    not at all necessary: someone leaving the door open and causing a draught
    Can you tell that it is winter now (even though it is only autumn)?

    1. Draughts are the very antithesis of cosiness! Ghastly weather of itself does not obstruct cosiness, but it is crucial that it remain external.

  2. Cosiness needs warmth, comfort, and safety, with perhaps good company, nice music, a good book, and suitable refreshments.

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