4 Replies to “Deaf, Blind or Mute?”

    1. Unnerving, isn’t it? But heaps of people lose one or more (all three is thankfully rare), and somehow they to carry on. As an opera singer, I’d say your sight is the sense you could best spare – look at Andrea Bocelli!

  1. This is a question I’ve thought about a bit, given that my genes have predicted a loss of sight in my future. Having watched some who’ve lost sight and some who’ve lost hearing, I think I’d go with the loss of speech, but then I haven’t had to watch a loved-one struggle to speak after a stroke. I think the one I’d like the least to lose would be hearing, because it cuts you off from others so much, followed by sight, because it makes you very dependent on not-always-dependable people when you get old and frail. So, not wanting to wish it on myself or anyone else, I think I’ll opt for speech. The great thing about most of these is that technology can fill a lot of the needs that our grandparents would have had, but technology takes TIME to learn! And if you haven’t got that time, then it’s very debilitating to lose any of these gifts.

    1. I think sight would be the sense I would least like to lose. Like you, I think I’d rather lose my speech than my hearing – some might argue it would do me good…
      But as you say, not wishing such a loss on myself or any other!

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