Who Will You Be When You Grow Up?

Or if that’s too hard a question to ask, the future being a far and mysterious place, who do you think you’ll look like?
Old woman in Kyrgyzstan (2010)I myself expect that when I get well and truly old I will look like Nanny Ogg, of whom it is said in Lords and Ladies that “time had left her with a body that could only be called comfortable and a face like Mr Grape the Happy Raisin.”
Except I hope to have a) more teeth and b) fewer husbands.

2 Replies to “Who Will You Be When You Grow Up?”

  1. I can handle the wrinkles, but not so trilled about the relentless effects of gravity. It completely counters any pursuit of a smiling countenance! Oh well, scary, grumpy it is…

    1. I am hoping to one day develop smile-lines around my eyes like my Dearly Beloved’s – hopefully they will compensate for the downward trend elsewhere on my face and leave me with at least a vaguely amiable base expression…

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