Where Did The Decade Go?

2020 already? How did that happen?
But now that I think about it, there have been one or two things happen in the last ten years.

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I graduated with an MA in Creative Writing (Scriptwriting) – the beginning of a year of unemployment.

I gained a statistically significant other (and wrote a few hundred emails to him in aforementioned year of unemployment).

I got a job at last – the Dreaded Day Job.

I got engaged, moved cities and started my new job (it was a very busy few days).

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I got married (definite highlight of the decade).

I became an aunt.

I introduced my husband to the country of (most of) my childhood.

I started this blog (on a different site, but still).

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I moved house.

I left the Dreaded Day Job to write full time.

I moved house again.

I became an elder in my church (not a very elderly elder, but not the youngest either).

I published a book.

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Seen up close, the last ten years has been a welter of writing and housework and handwork and worrying and gardening and learning things and trying to get on top of things and stop procrastinating.

As for the next ten years, I don’t know what they will hold, any more than I could have guessed ten years ago that today I would be living in a different city with my husband and a house and garden of my own and a published novel to my (changed) name – plus another on the way.

But I think the first thing this decade will hold for me is some time spent reflecting on direction for the future, including for this site.
As always, though, do feel free to comment – I’ll still be around.

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