Seven Years

On January 4th 2013, I published my first ever blog post. In the seven years since, I’ve published a post (on average) once every not-quite-three days. That’s 879 posts – 880 if you count this one.

So I think it’s time to take a sabbatical – an unspecified period of time during which I will consider what I have done over the last seven years; whether, after my seven years’ labour, I’ve found myself with Rachel or Leah (and, indeed, what “Rachel” and “Leah” represent in this case); and what the future should look like.

Gauffier - Jacob venant trouver les filles de Laban 01

Should you happen to get bored before I return, well, there’s 880 posts to choose from. Have a look around. The comment sections are still open and comments are always welcome.

4 Replies to “Seven Years”

  1. Your posts will be missed. They’ve been a cheery way to punctuate my weeks :-D. Thanks for all the laughs.

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