7 Replies to “A Question of Household Organization”

  1. I do it when I can’t stand it any longer, enjoy the virtuous feeling when I’ve done it and wonder why I don’t just do it more regularly.

    1. Sounds familiar! Funny how it looms up in the mind as being so much bigger a task than it turns out to be in the end. I wonder if there’s a psychological term for that?

  2. Oh defo as go along. I don’t like having days of work that is necessary but tedious piling up staring at me, pointing and laughing every time I walk past. No, I’m a maintain as you go person. Takes minutes each time, but place stays clean.

      1. I’m sorry….yes, *breaks down sobbing.* My name is The Editor and I have been organized for too many years to count now. I came to this meeting because I’m seeking help. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

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